Sunday, April 3, 2011


Proudly presenting a few clips of the guys. Video is now in full progress!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Kevin McCourt's trying to change the world! However, he can't do it alone. He needs our help!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Starting this one off with a great video kevin mccourt found on youtube. i could picture gonz doing this.

Kevin McCourt has been out promoting the Campaign for the Growth of the Human Mind on the streets and on the internet. Yesterday he held a mill pond clean up which yielded a surprisingly great turnout of four people. Great people, great turnout. Out of 200 guests. Shows how many people care about shitting where they eat.

Campbell has been killing it at copley fountain on the reg. you can find him there monday thru friday getting his tricks for sbs5 on lockdown.

I myself have been showing my friend from florida around for the last week. He has dreads which is kind of funny.

Nick has been working and is too tired to skate today.

Jimmy has been working and going to school and doing him yo

Craig has been buying a rediculous amount of motorized vehicles and has a girlfriend, and has already stacked 4 ollies for sbs5.

Hoppy has been teaching the ways of taekwondo as always. He got some nice footage for the new promo.

Speaking of the promo, it should be coming very soon. (sooner than soon).

Please continue frequenting the blog if you hold interest in our updates. some good ones will be coming, including the video footage of kevin mccourt's danvers clean up, as well as the SBS HIGH FIVE promo will be dropping, so keep them eyes peeled.

and remember,

thats why they make different flavors of ice cream

Saturday, March 12, 2011


This video is a promotional video to promote a promotional video thats promoting a full length movie.

Friday, March 11, 2011


So I've been slacking way too hard on updating the blog. Many technical difficulties reguarding focusing my laptop, not being able to access my photos, and lack of content to put on the blog. But this is all over now. Slowly but 5urely is now in progress! The guys have all been busy doing their own thing. Campbell, Kevin McCourt, and I have all been skating and trying to start off the video the right way. With lots of kevin mccourt footage, the video is starting off the right way. Nick has been busy with work at Cherry St Fish Market, and Jimmy has been busy with school at AI. I assume craigs deal is hes been working as well. However, no need to fret! The video is about to be kicked into full throttle and its about to get looopy in here.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates with video, and photos.



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

South Shore pt 2

Well, I have returned from the South. It was rad down there. I also went to philly for my first time which was awesome. However, in Raleigh I was trying to bs tail some ledge over a double set that retard face 50 kickflipped, and I ollied too high and locked a back lip and fell flat to my lower back. It almost put me out for the rest of the trip. I skated in pain through philly because I couldn't help myself. BIG UPS to Matt Hall, and Jimmy Kinslow for hosting us.

HERE I will post the rest of the photos and footage from the trip.

N.C. State, this is that spot in the new toy machine video

"Help, I'm gay"

North Carolina: I was hyped
Thats that realness

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC

Pickin up Jimmy from school in PHILLY

This spot was amazing

Thats what im sayin

Jimmy Kinslow and Cj Linde


LOVE GAP in the dark


Philly in the dark

Back in Boston at Cj's
Snow in Allston

Snow doubt
Food leftover from the trip




These planters?

Yes, they're gay

CJ's ready to go


Nice rail


Young Winston, Annapolis, MD

Annapolis, MD

Weird Locals

CJ on the snooze
Annapolis, MD

Washington DC

CJ's board got caught

Freedom plaza Washington DC

State house from Freedom Plaza aka pulaski park
CJ drinking his skateboard

DC Gold rail so crazy

2:30 Am in North Carolina



free peanuts

southern hospitality

A hawk

North Carolina

Friday, January 21, 2011

South Shore pt 1

Well, I am now several days into my journey to the south and I've finally made it to my laptop. Me and SBS alumni CJ Linde have spent the last 2 days traveling as well as skateboarding. We departed from Boardwalk Skateshop (www.boardwalkboston.com) on Wednesday and drove down to Annapolis, Maryland. We spent the night, woke the next morning to a beautiful town in a part of the country I've never visited. We went for breakfast at Chick & Ruth's Deli which is a very prominent breakfast spot to the locals. I enjoyed a bacon egg and cheese on wheat toast as well as a pancake.

We shredded the whole way to the breakfast joint, finding unique spots along the way! Look forward to seeing the skate to and from C&R's as well as the rest of the trip in the new brocam clip coming upon my return. Keep an eye on the blog, it'll appear within the next week.
After breakfast, we drove a brief 45 minutes to our nation's capital, Washington DC. We didn't know any locals or where to look for spots, but it worked out real well.
We started off with just parking and brocamming around the blocks of downtown looking for spots. After some successive brocamming and lack of ability to find legitimate spots, we decided to find the legendary Freedom Plaza (aka Pulaski Park). Thanks to Cj's sidekick, we were able to find an address to the spot and the GPS connected the dots.

We shredded Freedom Plaza, met some locals, and then went to fetch Cj's vehicle to find another place to park and skate. We came across a spot I've seen in Focus Magazine but thats all I've ever seen of it. The picture is below. We skated there, and with 45 minutes left in the meter, dropped the VX off in the car and broke out the brocam. The Washington DC section of the clip should be good.

After the brief brocam sesh and discovery of the best spot ever that also happened to be the biggest bust ever, we decided to go on a hunt for the white house. We got to the street but there was a huge line just to get down the street. We decided it was best to make the 7 hour journey to North Carolina. So here I am, 4:13 am now in North Carolina, about to snooze.

as in Jersey


Washington DC Canteen spotting
First National Christian Church, Washington DC